New publication by Dr. Boivin in Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal

Candidate marker for cassava related neurological disease and degeneration

Posted: Mar 11, 2024

Dr. Michael Boivin, along with colleagues from University of Kinshasa and Oregon Health & Science University, identified a candidate maker of konzo-related neurological disease and degeneration among a group of children exposed to cyanogenic cassava in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This is one of the first studies to show higher albumin carbamoylation in children with the
cassava-related paralytic disease known as konzo. Studies on cassava-related neurotoxicity offers invaluable opportunities to provide insights into mechanisms of human disease across numerous disciplines, in particular those addressing issues of molecular ageing and neurodegeneration among millions who rely on cyanogenic cassava as the main source of food mostly under the tropics